Hype! DEUTSCHLAND 83 begeistert US-Zuschauer & Presse

Zum Serienstart von"Deutschland 83" auf dem US-Kabelsender "Sundance TV" ist die Resonanz seitens der amerikanischen Presse und der Zuschauer groß. Wir haben die Reviews und Tweets gesammelt. 

Mittwoch-Abend feierte unsere achtteilige Spionageserie "Deutschland 83" auf dem Pay-TV-Sender "Sundance TV" ihre US-Premiere. Die US-amerikanische Presse zeigt sich - für eine deutsche Serienproduktion eher ungewöhnlich - voll des überschwänglichen Lobes und auch unter den Zuschauern mainifestieren sich bereits einschlägige Meinungen. Wir haben Zuschauermeinungen, Tweets und Presse-Reviews für euch zusammengestellt.

Das sagen die User/ Zuschauer (Stand: 19.06.15):

Ratings imdb: 8,7 von 10
Ratings Rotten Tomatoes: 4,7 von 5
Ratings metacritic: 7,6 von 10

"Refreshing to watch the beginning of this series on Sundance Channel, a foreign language entry that catches a moment in recent German history without the usual quintessential archetypes and funny accents of any random American production involving Germans." (Review von User b24 / imdb / 18.06.15)

"I enjoyed the first episode very much. Cast is good and energy is good. What a paranoid lot those East German official types were! They expected Reagan to blow them up at any moment. One of my favorite visuals was when Our Hero, abducted to the West via drugged coffee, tried to run away and found himself in a supermarket, between tall aisles of packaged goods and facing an enormous produce display, the likes of which he'd never seen. Ha! I wish they'd shown his face in addition to him being stopped in his tracks." (Review von User Lelisa13P / HitFix / 18.06.15)

Das sagt die Presse:

  • "At first glance, 'Deutschland 83' might be mistaken for season 4 of The Americans. The critically acclaimed FX Soviet-spy drama closed out its excellent third season with Ronald Reagan giving his famous “Evil Empire” address. Without missing a beat, 'Deutschland 83', the brand-new Cold War thriller that premiered Wednesday on SundanceTV, opened its first scene with the very same speech." ('Deutschland 83' premiere react: The Evil Empire Strikes Back; Sarene Leeds für Entertainment Weekly; 18.06.15)
  • "Deutschland 83 is understandably compared to The Americans, but there’s a difference between a young man’s spy story and a married couple’s. Martin is only now starting to figure out his life. His story is one of discovery, hence the bright, colorful, dazed trip through the West German supermarket." (Deutschland 83: “Quantum Jump”; Brandon Nowalk für A.V. Club; 17.06.15)
  • "Much like Mad Men, a sly sense of satire permeates the series, drawing parallels to present day political absurdities, as well as offering a “what the hell where they thinking?” vibe thanks to more than three decades of hindsight." ('Deutschland 83' Brings Drama and Humor of Cold War Germany to American TV; Anthony L. Fisher für Resaon.com; 17.06.15)

  • "If the idea of a Cold War series produced from the vantage of a divided country leads you expect a dour, grim story of the conflict’s costs, Deutschland 83 will be a pleasant surprise. It’s serious and it can be stark, but it’s also funny and brisk, a coming-of-age story with a sense of adventure." (Review: In 'Deutschland 83', East Meets West Germany; James Poniewozik für Time, 16.06.15)
  • "But what really makes this eight-episode series stand out is its setting, because a family divided is more impactful than strangers going at each other." (Spy games intensify in 'Deutschland 83'; Elisabeth Vincentelli für New York Post; 16.06.15) 
  • "Television has featured a fair amount of spying lately, and a fair amount of 1980s nostalgia, too. But 'Deutschland 83', an espionage series from Germany set in that wretched decade, is fresh and enjoyable nonetheless, distinguishing itself with a young protagonist and a losers’-history perspective." (Review: 'Deutschland 83' focuses on a reluctant Cold War spy; Neil Genzlinger für The New York Times; 15.06.15)

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